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November 16, 2020
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Is There a Way to Stop Snoring?

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Let's admit it. No one wants to sleep next to a person who loudly snores. Couples living together may have gotten used to their snoring partners but if given a chance, they would eliminate snoring sounds to have a more restful, undisturbed sleep. But is snoring normal or is there a reason to worry?Can people stop snoring?

Snoring is Abnormal Breathing

Snoring is connected to a person's breathing, so it is important to know why people snore.Snoring can be either harmless or a sign of a serious medical condition. Let's first differentiate between normal or regular breathing and snoring.

* Normal Breathing - Air passes through the nose then to the back of the throat that houses the soft palate, uvula and tongue. When awake, muscles hold the airway open; when asleep, muscles relax but the airway stays open.
* Snoring - It is the coarse sound of obstructed breathing. Instead of the muscles relaxing and the airways staying open during sleep, the soft tissues, nose and throat vibrate. It is caused by a partial blockage somewhere from the nose to the vocal chords.

This tells us that snoring is not really normal but a physical abnormality.Although it can't be wilfully stopped orcured, it can be controlled.Before we find ways to control it, we have to understand that not all snorers are the same, which means particular control methods apply to certain snorers. You may notice thatpeople snore differently and at various sound levels. This is because snoring can be of two types:

* Primary Snoring - loud upper airway breathing sounds, without signs of apnoea or cessation of breath
- Simple snoring
- Snoring without sleep apnoea
- Noisy breathing during sleep
- Benign snoring
- Rhythmical snoring
- Continuous snoring
* Snoring that Indicates Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) - breathing obstruction, absence of breathing

ResSleep Provides Test and Treatments for Sleep Disorders

Sohow can we know which snoring type a person has?Learning thiswill help us to know which method or device we could use to control snoring. There are sleep doctors and clinics all around Australia that can help, like ResSleep. They provide sleep test services, snoring cure and premium patient services for the treatment of sleep apnoea.Here are some of the services ResSleep offers to help ease the burden of snoring and sleep apnoea:

* In-home sleep test service
* Superior patient care and improved patient compliance for sleep apnoea patients
* A comprehensive range of CPAP equipment, machines, masks and accessories for treating sleep apnoea patients
* Professionally supervised sleep apnoea test facilities Australia-wide
* Premium snoring device or CPAP machine with long-term quality of life

The majority of the people in Australia suffering from sleeping disorders remain undiagnosed and untreated. It is ResSleep's goal to reach these millions of people with the help of sleep physicians all over Australia. From sleep apnoea tests and snoring devices for sleep apnoea solutions and improved quality of life, to field activities that educate the general public, ResSleep expands its franchise network Australia-wide to provide professional and premium solutions and treatment services to patients with sleep disorders.


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