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October 14, 2020
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Infant Gas Relief - Causes And Cures

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When caring for a newborn, infant gas relief becomes something that is as essential as anything else. In some cases, an infant's fussing or crying is due to gas in the stomach. This pent up gas in the baby's stomach or digestive tract can lead to irritability, restlessness, pain, general discomfort and will lead to excessive crying.

Many people do not understand that when their baby is crying, he/she needs something. Sometimes, that something can be a bottle, a diaper change, or attention and affection. However, sometimes the crying can be a response to an excess build of gas in the stomach in which the baby cannot relieve him/her self.

Parents should not be alarmed if the baby is experiencing excess gas; this is quite a normal occurrence. Excessive gas in a newborn is a natural byproduct of digestion. When babies feed, they often suck in which sends tiny air bubbles or pockets down into their stomachs. Using all natural baby products is a good choice if you plan to purchase an infant gas relief formula.

Though infant gas is normal, if excessive gas continues, the mother might want to look at her diet a little closer if she is breastfeeding. Nutritionists and practitioners say that foods that contain acidic substances like citrus or tomato juice or sauce should be taken sparingly because they increase gas in the child if the mother is feeding from the breast. Diets heavy in dairy can also create gas in a baby that is breastfeeding.

Failing to treat excessive gas right away when your baby starts to show signs of excessive gas/discomfort will lead to many sleepless nights. Not to mention, your baby will be uncomfortable and in pain if you do not employ immediate infant gas relief.

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