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09 Mar 20
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Diets are annoying, because we all know they work, but getting them to work for us is always tough. There are so many different diets out there that the difficultly is in choosing one we can stick too. They all work, some better than others for different people, but sticking to a program is tough.

Graduating from medical school and her internship, Dr. Anju Mathur set out to help people, to relieve them of their ills and make them well.

21 Mar 20

Using a medical alert necklace when you have a serious medical condition where an emergency can arise when you are not able to communicate for yourself.

09 Apr 20

Travelling in Europe is a spectacular vacation experience. But, for the unprepared, their European tour could just turn out to be more of a nightmare than the dream they imagined.

25 Apr 20

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07 May 20
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Affordable Surgical Supplies and Anesthesia Equipment In Small Healthcare Practices
The healthcare industry is a highly competitive profession. It requires years of training and expensive supplies and equipment to practice it.The cost of keeping current on training and the procurement of costly surgical or anesthetic equipment and supplies must be passed on to consumers.
17 May 20
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America's Never-Ending Hunt For The Miracle Weight-Loss Drug
Now that we know that FDA-approved weight loss drugs are available, let us assume that one has consulted one's doctor, had a proper medical checkup to rule out risk factors, and we our now ready to look for THE drug that is going to help us get back to our slim and trim avatar.
31 May 20
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Are Life and Health Insurance Really Worth the Expense?
As money continues to get tighter and tighter for the average family, many "extras" are being cut to make room in the budget for the necessities. One item that some people may consider overlooking is insurance.
04 Jul 20
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Asthma: the Common Chronic Disease
Asthma is a common chronic disease. It refers to the constriction and inflammation of the airways in response to environmental triggers. The constriction can be accompanied by mucus along the airways which further restricts breathing.
15 Jul 20
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Automatic Blood Pressure Machine
An automatic blood pressure machine is a medical gadget designed specifically to take digital readings of your blood pressure. Compared to the manual pressure monitors, digital BP machines allow you to get pressure readings with just a single push of a button.
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09 Aug 20
Before investing in insurance for your car, it is important to gather auto insurance facts to help you make the right decision as to which insurance policy and company is best for you. Whether you are looking into the ever popular Saga Car Insurance, Travelers Auto Insurance or other companies, or car insurance for teenagers, here are some things you need to know for this process.
24 Sep 20
If you are trying to have a baby, you know that it can be difficult. Some women are fortunate enough to conceive naturally or through the use of medication. For other women, infertility surgery may be their only option. Here is some information you can use if you are one of the women in this second group.Infertility can have many different causes.
26 Oct 20
Valium is the brand name of a drug called diazepam. Being in the benzodiazepine family, Valium is considered a sedative. This drug is used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures. It is only available by prescription from your physician. This is a controlled substance which can become addictive. Valium is used for short periods of time to treat anxiety.
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30 Aug 20
Do you want a good way to get rid of diaper rash on your bundle of joy? Well, diaper rash happens to all babies and the reason often times is the diaper. Wetness trapped against your baby's skin by the diaper can cause a rash to form. Baby diaper rash can be prevented with all natural diaper cream.
14 Oct 20
When caring for a newborn, infant gas relief becomes something that is as essential as anything else. In some cases, an infant's fussing or crying is due to gas in the stomach. This pent up gas in the baby's stomach or digestive tract can lead to irritability, restlessness, pain, general discomfort and will lead to excessive crying.
02 Nov 20
Here's a very interesting case especially if you are interested in pharmaceutical sales careers. Dr. W. was a senior physician who had a huge practice which consisted mainly of elderly patients.
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